To provide state-of-the-art tourism services and solutions to our individual, group, and corporate clients.


To be the leading travel agency in customer confidence and innovation in the management of leisure and corporate tourism to and from all parts of the world 

Refadah in brief

Refadah Travel & Tourism was established in 2003 in Amman, Jordan, with the aim of providing top quality tourism services to individuals, groups and companies, to the highest international standards. Today, Refadah is proud to be one of the leading destination management companies in Jordan and the region and one of the most successful companies in retaining customer loyalty.

• Financial adequacy. Refadah enjoys a strong financial position that empowers it to compete and provide the best services: - Annual revenues amount to JD6 million (US $ 8.5 million). - Existing bank guarantees amount to JD300, 000 (US $ 420,000)